Ecovim Food Waste Dehydrators

Ecovim Food Waste Dehydrators are patented units that use heat and vibration technology to remove the water from the food waste, reducing the volume 80% to 90%. The units only require electrical service and a typical floor drain. As the food waste is dehydrated it is also sterilized and can be beneficially reused.

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Business Support Solutions

Totemic has helped many types of businesses gain federal, state and local government visibility which resulted in revenue through direct prime contracts or subcontracts.  The companies have included WOSBs, EDWOSB, 8(a), SDVOSB, HUBZone, Small Businesses as well as Large Businesses.

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Stormwater BMP Solutions

As more storms and precipitation events are occurring with greater force, the existing BMPs are in many cases unable to operate as designed.  This results in very real and visable flooding events while also releasing contaminates to the local water bodies.

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Who We Are

Totemic is a SWaM Micro Business and Federal Small Business established to offer organizations the freedom of doing what they do best, while adding a team of experts to their supply chain. Our staff consists of a variety of industry experts who have worked directly for or with the federal government in various roles, such as: accountants, engineers, cost estimators, program and project managers, proposal managers, researchers, strategists, and sales directors. Along the way we have forged relationships and experiences that can assist other businesses and federal agencies.

Food and Organic Waste Audits

Totemic can provide on-site food waste audits or estimates based on published reports. Our personnel have experience with LEED design principals and Net Zero or Zero Waste planning recommendations and requirements.

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End Users

Our food dehydrators are ideal for

  • Jails
  • Educational Institutes
  • Restaurants
  • Communities
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Work With All Industries

Totemic provides proven sustainable solutions for wasted food. We have years of experience working with Universities, Army Bases, Jails, Prisons, Municipalities, REITs and Fortune 500 companies that have a few dozen to thousands of people contributing to a daily wasted food stream.

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Our Name

‘Totem’, in its basic form, means something that serves as an emblem or revered symbol. ‘Totemic’ is an adjective that stems from ‘totemism’-a noun meaning the belief in kinship through common affiliation.

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